Mold Remediation - Condition 1 vs Condition 2

Condition 1 (normal fungal ecology) always has some level of settled spores, as does the outdoor environment. Unless you see evidence of mold, or a laboratory test reveals significantly higher levels of mold than the normal fungal ecology outdoors, the area in question remains Condition 1.

Condition 2 (settled spores) refers to an area near a Condition 3 area (contaminated) where mold spores have likely spread. You may see or smell slight signs of mold. However, Condition 2 is an "assumption" based on circumstantial evidence that cannot be verified without a laboratory test. You would not normally classify an area as Condition 2 without a Condition 3 area being nearby.

The term "settled" means that the spores are no longer airborne. Spores become settled again when they come in contact with the sampling media (tape, swabs, air cassettes, etc.). While there is some damage to the spores that occurs during the collection, enough remain intact that the lab can usually analyze the sample and determine the varieties and count.