Mold Remediation Chemicals - Concrobium vs. Sporicidin

Concrobium is an EPA registered as fungistat/mildewstat - which means it's an inhibitor, not a disinfectant. You have to wait and let it dry, which may help remove some mold, but not all.

Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution, on the other hand, is a disinfectant solution that kills any mold, bacteria or mildew it comes in contact with. I have no doubt that some chemicals exist that can remove mold stains, but whether they disinfect the mold is another issue. The reason why Sporicidin is so popular with mold remediators who are cleaning porous materials like wood is because it has the lowest toxicity level in the EPA categorization, which is what you need around children or in hospitals. If the contaminated attic area is small enough and accessible enough, you can apply Sporicidin directly to kill mold and leave a residual layer of protection (some scrubbing may be needed). If not accessible, dry media blasting is about the only other practical method.