State Requirements

What are the requirements for mold inspection & mold remediation in my state?

The CRMI, CCMI, and CMR certifications from Professional Mold Inspection Institute are industry accepted in almost every state in the US and every province in Canada. Mold inspection and mold remediation does not yet have a special licensing program in many states. However, as more states begin to enact legislation that requires mold professionals to be certified, it will help you to be grandfathered-in if you have already obtained a nationally recognized mold certification.  

Currently, the Professional Mold Inspection Institute certification from is recognized and accepted in every state and province except for Texas and Florida which require special state-based certifications for mold inspection and remediation. 

Professional Mold Inspection Institute certification from is recognized and accepted by insurance companies that require mold certification.

(Louisiana residents must also attend a special 3-day seminar for mold licensure in Louisiana. PMII is approved to provide the additional 3-day live course.)

 State requirements for mold inspectors

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