Mold Forms / Software

What are my options for Mold Forms / Mold Software?

The Mold Certification Course Package includes the Residential Forms CD-ROM, the Commercial Mold Inspection Forms, and the Mold Remediation Forms CD-ROM. These forms are provided for free in electronic format (MS Word, RTF, PDF), so that you can fill them out on the computer and print them or print them out blank and fill them out on paper. The forms can be used as many times as you'd like and they are included in the course package at no extra charge!

Included with the Mold Certification Course Package
  • Mold Inspection Forms CD-ROM 
  • Mold Checklists, Report Forms, Pre-inspection Agreements
  • Commercial Mold Inspection Forms
  • Mold Remediation Forms CD-ROM
  • Mold Remediation Proposal Template, Sample Clearance Letter

Professional Mold Inspection Software
Mold Inspection Report Creator Service

Mold Inspection Forms
We also offer student-discounted subscriptions to the Mold Inspection Report Creator service. Mold Inspection Report Creator (MIRC) is web-based mold inspection report software that can be accessed from any PC, MAC, iPhone, Android device, iPad, or mobile device with web access and a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.  The software allows you to create your reports quickly and easily included narrative descriptions of problems and digital photos. MIRC is database driven and stores the comments you type so you can use them again easily without needing to retype the same descriptions over and over. This and other time saving features make using the service one of the wisest business decisions you can make for your mold career. Your reports can be delivered to your clients electronically by email (password protected), printed, or saved as PDF documents.

More Information about the Mold Inspection Report Creator Service