Mold Training & Certification from PMII

Mold Training &, Professional Mold Inspection Institute, offers nationally recognized certifications for Mold Inspection (Mold Assessment) and Mold Remediation. Mold certifications are starting to become required by many homeowners' insurance companies for any jobs where contractors will be working with mold-damage. States and provinces are also starting to become more aware of mold and are beginning to enact legislation that will require mold certifications or mold licenses to do mold inspections or remediation. Getting certified now not only satisfies the requirements of insurance companies who require a mold certification but will also help you to be grandfathered in if your state or province should enact mold licensing requirements in the future.

Mold Inspection Forms & Online Mold Inspection Reports

Professional Mold Inspection Institute includes mold inspection forms, checklists, pre-inspection agreements, report forms, and more for free with the Mold Certification Course Package and also has options for online mold report solutions.

Start Your Mold Career Today!

Our courses are designed to train you in the proper procedures, standards, and issues related to mold inspection and will also help you start a mold inspection / remediation business.  When you sign up for the certification course package, you will not only receive the mold industries best training, but you will also get the forms you need to do mold inspections for your clients.  The Forms CDs included in the package contain forms for the pre-inspection agreement, mold checklist, mold report forms, and remediation proposals (protocols).  We also include a free Marketing & Business Development Course that will give you good information for setting up your business and marketing yourself as a mold inspector / mold professional. The Marketing/Business Development Course also contains templates for flyers, brochures, business cards, etc that can be customized with your information and used for advertising your mold business.