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The 40-hour Certified Mold Remediator Course gives you the training and certification necessary to do mold remediation for mold contamination for both large and small projects. You will learn how to clean mold, contain contamination from mold, and prevent mold from reoccurring. You will gain a thorough and in-depth knowledge of mold remediation including: Making a preliminary determination, calculating costs, contracting labor, determining the scope of the remediation project, and developing a 5-step project plan. You will also learn how to perform Project Documentation to track the environmental conditions before and after the remediation.

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How does the Mold Remediation Course work?
The course is interactive and can be taken both online and on the cd-roms that we send you in the mail. All the quizzes and tests are done online. At the end of each lesson, there is an online quiz that will grade your answers, show you the results on the screen, and submit your scores over the internet.  You can complete the quizzes anytime you want and there is no set time you must login to take quizzes or exams.

How long is the Certified Mold Remediator Course?
The Certified Mold Remediator Course is rated at 40 hours for someone with no experience but the course is entirely self-paced so you can go through the course as quickly or slowly as you'd like. 

Mold Remediation Course Lessons

1.Fungal Ecology
2.Health Effects
7.Structural Remediation
8.Contents Remediation
9.Tools and Equipment
10.Safety and Health
11.Indoor Assessments
12.Certification Authorities
13.Respiratory Protection

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